First Post!

Yay! My first post.. I couldn’t be more thrilled! With all of the response I’ve received from my Instagram I have decided to put together a small blog dedicated to sharing my favorite recipes and tips on leading a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

I hope that as I continue to post you will find helpful content that shows you how simple and FUN it is to cook healthy food for yourself (and family). I do all of this on a ‘budget’, allowing myself $60/week to spend on groceries. I will be posting my weekly grocery lists as well as meal plans for the week to help guide you.

Be sure to follow me by using the sign up link to the right – you’ll be alerted each time I post a new recipe! Please feel free to email me any time you have any questions or need advice! I plan to continue expanding my knowledge in regards to clean and healthy eating and can’t wait to share it all with you!

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